100 best films

100 best films is an exciting new project I’m working on. This is a concept site and does not really serve any purpose other than to demonstrate some of the possibilities that 3D presents for navigation…  see it here. Its a fully dynamic swarm containing Time magazine’s top 100 films. Check out the ripple effect.

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  1. Steven C. says:

    I enjoyed experiencing your 100 best films site. I believe that this could be a whole new way of finding the movie you want. What would be cool is if your site could sync with IMDB so every time a movie is taken off or added on the list the change will appear on your site as well. Also, after the visitor to your site has selected a movie, while it’s in the middle of the large circle, clicking it again could take you to IMDB or the Wikipedia article on that movie.

    Great Job. I’ll be posting this site as a new way to navigate around movies that look interesting. You can judge a movie by it’s cover, even online.

    Steven C.