About Hugo & Co Investigate…

Hugo & co. investigate is the hand-drawn detective webcomic thriller for all ages.

Hugo Remi…

Insatiably curious, undeniably inventive, allegedly brilliant.

This young private investigator and his team operate from a tiny London office on a shoe-string budget.

Yet they run, and sometimes stumble, into some of the most elaborate and sophisticated plots of the city’s criminal class.

Thanks to Hugo and his honed instincts, Margot and her logical prowess, and Claude for, well, for being Claude, London’s streets are that much safer.

Fingers crossed.

The Author

I’m Michael Ewing, and I’m currently lead Flash games developer at Mediatonic. This site is twofold. Firstly, it’s the home of the webcomic Hugo & co. investigate which I draw in my spare time – and its also the home of MewText which is a blog about my experiences with gaming and Flash.

Mewtube is my portfolio site for comic and game experiments!

Since summer 2004 I have been working in the multimedia industry from Flash design to Flash development and working in fields such as e-learning, advertising and microsites and mostly games.